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I have recently returned from a deliiiiiiightful afternoon dalmating with a_good_storm. We went to the Sale, and then ate fud at the Dump. That's local-speak for "Zern's Farmer's Market" and "Angelo's Diner." I've lived here 6 months and I already speak the native language. K was also kind enough to introduce me to the delight that is french fries and vinegar. I'm not sure if I'll be able to eat them plain ever again!
I scored some cool loot while I was there, too. A Cyndi Lauper record for 89 cents, and a magnet that says "wakka wakka lunch time!" with Fozzy the bear on it. Oh, I also stocked up on black-bean salsa. Mmm... salsa.

And now... I must go to the grocery store!
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