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it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Things I Did Today
by puppysmuggler

*scrubbed bathtub
*cleaned dog pen
*took out trash
*dusted living room
*de-haired the hair chair
*took doggie to vet (she blew out her knee, but she'll be fine. poor girl.)
*learned how to play golf

Thank you to everyone who wished good doggie health to my Scouty-Scout! She has a torn ligament in her knee, but her kneecap is fine and she will heal naturally. We have to keep her from jumping or running for the next 6 weeks, oi! I am glad my baby is okay, though :)

Clayton took me to a driving range and taught me how to swing a golf club. He says I did really well for it being the first time ever! If it weren't 90 degrees and painfully humid, I probably would have done even better. The furthest I hit a ball was about 150 yards... I think that's pretty good, don't you? Oh, and I won a dollar when I bet he couldn't hit the 150 yard sign with a ball. Hehehe...

Oi, it's SO FREAKING MUGGY HERE! Let me out!
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