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meusli sounds like a dirty word


I met up with lucifrix again last night, and had a really good time. We went to see Fight Club at this little shithole bar/theater place, it was cool. But first, we had dinner at a chinese restraunt called "lucky noodles" or "lucky noodle house" or something... we both got wonton noodle soup and it came out in ONE big bowl. Of course, the noodles (of which there were many) were all clumped together in a great unpeneterable mass. Trying to scoop it into two little bowls was cause for much hilarity. Then it was discovered that D did not know how to use chopsticks! The horror! I tried to teach her, but she already understoon the principle, just not the non-stop gripping action. So... there was more noodly wonton hilarity. Then D's dinner came out (I didn't order a main dish, I was mostly just thirsty) and she was kind enough to share with me. Unfortunately, I really suck at eating things off bones (little bitty rib things.) It was a good thing I wasn't hungry anymore after the wanton wontons.

We had a good time chatting and laughing, such a good time... we almost forgot the movie! So, we quickly scurried back to "the Balcony" only to discover the movie was running late anyhow. No big deal, we got in free =D Unfortunately, the theater really kind of sucked. It was pretty small and VERY dark and I ran into a pole. Then, to add insult to injury, the "seats" were just big long backless benches. Lame. I really hate backless seats. Oh well.

When the movie finally started, the sound sucked and the people next to D lit up some cigs and started talking about sandwiches in normal conversational tones. During the movie. It didn't bug me THAT much since I already knew what all the characters were saying, but still.

As it turned out, we didn't have to put up with the smoking sandwich people for very long, as the movie stopped working about 20 minutes into it, then started over from the begining. Now, don't get me wrong... I *heart* Fight Club, but I do not love it enough to watch the first 20 minutes twice in a small smokey theater full of sandwich-speaking people. So, we left.

D asked if I would rather eat smores or go to a porn shop, and I said "why not both?" So, we headed off to find the most titilating marshmellow treats the city of Philadelphia has to offer only to be thwarted by the dreaded cell-phone of DOOOOM. Okay, so no one called ME, but when I called Matt to make sure he was still busy and working he was... not busy. He told me to keep on shopping/talking/whateveritisyouwomendo but I felt guilt at the thought of leaving him at work all scared and alone ;)

It's alright, there will always be more s'mores to eat and more porn to browse in the city of brotherly love.

We strolled leisurely back to Matt's workplace and chatted some more. It's been a long time since I've hung out with a girl and just chatted and bonded, so I was really enjoying myself. Matt took forever to come out of the building, but I didn't care. I was having fun! =D He finally DID come out though, and we set off to take D home. I did pretty well until right before her place when I ran into a curb. Sorry D, I'm normally a good driver, honest! She then gave us directions and we headed for home. It was pretty late at this point, so I think it's probably a good thing the movie didn't work out.

*night falls*
*puppysmuggler and thereject turn in for the night*

I took Matt to his carpool destination and went to work with the Clayton today. I was really hungry all morning, but fortunately so was he. We left early for lunch and it was all good. That about sums up today. Oh yeah, and we also bought some paint. woo-woo!

and now...
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