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oh rapture in the evening!

This is my 1000th post! To celebrate, I will do something very exciting and tell you about my DAY. Super-fun-glee!

Today I helped Clayton put siding on a house in ritzy ol' Chesterbrook. It was so fun! Of course, I did it last week, too and it was fun then as well but I forgot to write about it. One week out of the hospital and I was doing construction work! Today marked 2 weeks since my surgery and I am feeling happy as ever. I had some shooting pains, but I think they will go away when Dr. Lo takes the excess stitching out tomorow. I have some knots that are really starting to irritate my skin and they are painful to touch. Hopefully all the stitches on the inside have dissolved.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.
Clayton told me he plans on using me as Head Painter, Lumber Mover, Stick Picker-Upper, and Nail Bendy Person for the rest of the summer. It's Puppysmuggler the Construction Worker! I'm even going to get one of those cool tool belts and a hammer! I really aught to go to Goodwill and pick up some grungy clothes so I can stop getting blue stains on my green shorts.
OH OH OH, and I'm even going to get paid for all this! I am so happy :) Clayton said he can't make me rich, but he'll make it worth my while.
I told him I'd do it just to get out of the house and be doing something that isn't retail. I like painting boards and picking up nails.
It will be nice to have some money of my own again. dorkyhippy, we are SO going shopping.

And on that note, I have to go to the bathroom.

random trivia: this journal was created on 2001-02-13 09:29:02.
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