Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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puppysmuggler: how hot is it?
diskozombie: i dunno
puppysmuggler: like... hotter than the sun?
diskozombie88: no
puppysmuggler: or just hotter than a waffle iron?
diskozombie88: um
diskozombie88: not quite as hot as a waffle iron
puppysmuggler: okay
puppysmuggler: thats good
diskozombie88: it's not really hot
diskozombie88: at all
diskozombie88: just very humid
diskozombie88: and muggy
diskozombie88: and gross
puppysmuggler: yuck
puppysmuggler: humidity needs to not exist anymore
puppysmuggler: because no one likes it, really
puppysmuggler: no one ever did
puppysmuggler: who the hell invited humidity over anyhow?
diskozombie88: wasn't me!
puppysmuggler: must have been margaret
puppysmuggler: that bitch
diskozombie88: haha
diskozombie88: fuck her man
diskozombie88: she ruins everything
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