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Oh yes, the boy!

I forgot to update about what happened on Monday! Well, Matt had his eyeballz appointment, and that went really well. The doctor even let him try on contact lenses, which I thought looked really cool. So he ordered a year's worth, but he doesn't get them until Tuesday because he has to take a "putting in contacts without gouging out your eyeballs" class. ALSO on Tuesday he gets new frames! They are really cool. We got them at the mall, because mall stores have more variety than the optometrist. Anyhow, they are Eddie Bauer (or however the heck you spell that) which will impress his snooty white-collar cow-irkers, but they are still very hippie-dude looking. I like them a lot :) I cannot wait to take a picture!

Umm... I'm going to go sit on the couch now, I think. YAY COUCH!
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