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I luv the peaches, yes I do!

and you should, too!

"about 40 ounces of social skills
I'm just an ass in the crack of humanity
I'm just a huge manatee
a huge manatee
and besides you're probably holding hands
with some skinny pretty girl who
likes to talk about bands
all I wanna do is ride bikes with you
and stay up late
and watch cartoons"

"I like it when
my hair is poofy
I like it when
you slip me a roofie
I like it when
you've got the crack
who's got the crack?"

"In a former life I had a sister
but I kissed her then I dissed her
she got swept up in a twister
first I laughed and then I missed her
who mistook these baths for showers?
who fucked up that leaning tower?
we're not those kids
sitting on the couch"

~lyrics from 3 random MP songs

Yayyy!!! I see Peaches on Thursday! I am so happy!
Put a latch on the door so mama don't know I'm downloading porn with dave-o...
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