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food for thought

I don't normally like to post quotes from anything, but I really like this:

I have always been troubled by dogmas that rule by guilt, fear and intimidation. Where is the free will that is the right of man? Is it freedom of choice if the threat of eternal damnation hangs over your head....or is it coercion? Does free will give us the right to question these dogmas? These dogmas require us to accept their explanations without question; require us to believe on faith rather than to accept an alternative line of thought, however logical or obvious. If we believe ourselves sentient creatures, should we deny ourselves the right to question our existence simply because such freedom of thought means exploring new concepts from a new perspective? Are the dogmas so hollow they cannot stand the weight of scrutiny without relying upon the support of proof by faith? Sentience brings curiosity and curiosity brings questions. It is these same questions that leads one to the path of understanding. Why then should they be feared?

Published 19 JUL 98 - The Taoist Circle Newsletter
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