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Wow, I got the table cleared off. I've had the same Christmas tablecloth out since December, but that changed today! Now it's the multi-seasonal blue and white german table linen that we got for a wedding present. It's my favourite (are you reading this, Host-brother Jan?)
I also called Emily and canceled our hanging out date for tonight. I am just way too grumpy to be a good hostess tonight. I'll see how I feel tomorow, and if I'm still a raging ball of goldfish-cracker eating fury, we'll get together next weekend. Of course next weekend Clayton will probably be in DC, so I am hoping I feel more sociable tomorow. It would also be nice if I wasn't sweating like a oink and if I didn't have a headache.
Hey, Lily, when are you going to come visit? Hmm? *taps foot*
Well I think I'm going to clean some more or start a game of Final Fantasy 9, whichever sounds more fun in 5 minutes. Wanna place bets?
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