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I am so angry with my dog right now.

First, I got to start my Saturday by cleaning up dog shit. Not just any dog shit, mind you, but really really not solid dog shit. Then I had to pour vinegar on the living room carpet, and 409 the kitchen where she relieved herself on the way out the door. This is NOT how I like my weekends to begin.
So, after being banished to the outdoors for a few hours, I brought her back in, gave her a bath, and decided we were more or less even. I'm still not happy at this point, but I wasn't nauseous and pissed like I was at first. It's an improvement.

Things went well for most of this afternoon. I lay out in the sun, and she hung out in her kennel and also sunbathed. I came inside, she asked to go potty a few times, things were good. I'm happy, and aside from having a case of the runs, the dog seems happy.

Then she asked to out again, no big deal. She comes inside, and I take her to the bathroom to clean her off, and she PEES ON ME!!!

Holy shit, I thought my head was going to explode.

Needless to say, the dog is outside, and my whole house smells like Febreeze. GOD I am pissed.
I called my mom and told her that if Dad doesn't get that job in Saipan, the dog is going back to live with them. At least they own their house, so it doesn't matter as much if the carpet gets pet stains. Plus, they have a lot more laminate flooring than I do. I love my dog, but she can't be doing this here.

Man, my hand still stings from swatting her furry little butt out the door.

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