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I should be cleaning right now. I should be doing just about anything besides a) napping b) sitting on the internet

Well, at least I'm not napping.

I'm having friends over tonight, yay! But I'm extrordinarily pissy today.
Yes, it's a girl thing. Go away.
So, I've emptied and filled the dishwasher, gone to the grocery, made my famous salmon dip, and I've done laundry. Now I'm hateful and don't want to do any more. But I must. The place is a dump, and last time Emily and Clayton came over, it was immaculate. Must... keep... up... appearances... gaaaahhhhhhhh!

I posted at Peroxide Mocha Ville. You should, too. DO IT NOW LEST I SLAY YOU!!!

*pant pant*

So I really should be doing something right now. But all I feel like doing is glaring and snarling. I guess I could take my anger out on the pile of junkmail in the entry way. *FLAY FLAY*

Okay, well I just thought I'd tell you all about my happy mood. :�

Puppysmuggler out.
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