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I have a cardboard paper cut on the tip of my index finger. I got it last night at WalMart while trying to open a box which contains a camp stove. Now it hurts whenever I use the little scrolly wheely thing on my mouse. Woe is me!

Matt and I went DVD MAD at Wally World! We got:

*Red Dawn
*Young Frankenstein

We watched "Vampires" last night, it was pretty cheesy, but I think I liked it. I think I'm going to watch "Red Dawn" today since I somehow missed it when it came out in theaters (several ages ago.)

Oh, and for those that may be curious, having the parents over was fun, but utterly tiring and stressful for me. Matt couldn't go anywhere with us, even though he'd requested the time off, because one of the higher-ups alsorequested time off. So, guess who gets to work even more??
Driving around with just me and the 'rents felt sorta like chauffeuring. I hate feeling like a chauffeur! Oh well, I did have a good time, I just wish Matt could have come, too.

Things I Did Last Week�:

parents arrive.
go to diner in Pottstown

have pic-nic at Valley Forge

drive Matt and Emily to work.
come back home, round up parents and dog
take dog to kennel
drive to DC
see Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, White House, Capitol Building, Iwo Jima Memorial, Pentagon
find place to stay in Pentagon City

drive to Arlington cemetery
see: tomb of unknown soldier, JFK grave
take subway to Smithsonian
see: american history museum
go back to Arlington, get car, fight way out of city and go home

take Matt and Emily to work
drive home
get parents
pick up dog at kennel
drive to Intercourse, PA (insert juvenile laughter here)
do lots of shopping and see lots of Amish people milling about doing Amish things (we assume.)
starts raining
drive to Reading and go to bookstore
pick up Matt from work

take Matt and Emily to work
go home
get parents (leave dog in basement)
drive to King of Prussia
take bus into Philly
get cheesesteak sandwiches for everyone at 17th & Market
sit in valet parking area of swanky hotel and eat cheesesteak while watching the TV they have out for valet parking people. no one chases us away.
go to Mutter Museum where dad and I are SURE mom will lose her lunch.
Mom doesn't lose lunch, in fact, she outlasts the both of us. go mom!
walk 10,000 blocks to Independance Hall.
discovere Independance Hall and the Liberty Bell have 2 hour waits (each) to get in.
walk 5,000 blocks back to bus stop.
wait for bus on wrong corner of street
discover our error, run to other side of street and hop on the bus
get back to KOP
pick up Matt a little early
go home

take Matt and Emily to work
go home
round up parents and dog
take Dad to King of Prussia, drop him off at Borders
Mom, dog, and myself drive back to Intercourse to finish shopping
shop like mad all day!
pick up dad, then Matt
go home

refrigerator arrives (!!!)
it is huge
Matt stays home, mom and dad help me take small refrigerator back to Clayton and Emily
go to farmer's market
shop like mad!
get stuff for lunch
go home
take mom and dad to airport
leave airport and promptly get on wrong highway
drive through philly
finally get on right highway
get stuck in traffic
take scenic route
get back on highway
get home
breathe huge sigh of relief and then go to bed!

And NEXT WEEKEND I get to drive to TENNESSEE!!! =P

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