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yay, iron pills!

I donated blood yesterday, and my iron levels were just fine. Let's hear it for modern medicine!

In other news:
my parents are coming to visit on Saturday. I'm going crazy trying to make sure everything will be perfect. I think I'm getting anal in my old age... I'm even paying Clayton to fix our basement steps, fergoodnesssakes. I hope it doesn't rain much while they're here...
Did I mention they've never been to the east coast? I think that's one of the big reasons I want it to be perfect. The first time I came out here it was absolutely gorgeous and wonderful and I want them to have as wonderful a vacation as I did. *sigh*

I think kitty knows something is up. I keep asking her if she's excited about her doggie-sister coming to live here and she just glares at me. This morning she attacked me at the top of the stairs. She's definately on to me...

Well, I must go back to re-organizing the bathroom now. Catch ya later!
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