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How funny is that?

Okay, everyone start humming "It's a small world after all."
Repeat until permanently entrenched in your braincells.

Last night, Matt and I went to our very first No Kidding! get-together. It's a club for adults who have never had children, so we thought we'd give it a try. We got horribly lost on the way to the restraunt, but after about an hour and a half and calling for directions 4 times, we finally arrived.
A couple of the ladies in the group got up to chat while the server got out another table (there had been a mis-count somehow somewhere) and they were all very nice people. I'm pretty sure we were the youngest people there, which was odd at first, but everyone was very gracious!
The server brought a table and we sat down across from each other next to two middle-aged gentlemen. One was a dentist and the other was a man originally from Israel, I believe. I didn't catch his profession, he might be retired.
So then, this woman from the far other end of the table walks over to our end and she looks really familiar! As I'm trying to figure out where I've seen her before (and probably making a really amusing face) she stands next to me and asks "do you have a livejournal?"
It was lucifrix, who I just added to my friends list on Saturday!!
Is that the coolest or what?
Unfortunately we only got to talk for a bit before the server started bringing in food, but I really hope we can chat some more, she was really cool!

Dinner was quite lovely (I had shrimp) and the service was excellent. Next month the group is going whale watching, and I'm already excited about it! I definately reccomend No Kidding! to all my CF friends, who knows who you might meet!

To find a No Kidding! chapter in your area, click here. There are No Kidding chapters in Canada, USA, Ivory Coast, and South Korea.
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