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3 years ago today...

... thereject and I got ourselves HITCHED.

This morning he woke me up with 3 little wrapped presents and a card. Isn't that so cute? Wait, it gets better.

The first present was a box of chocolates and a card asking me out on a DATE. It was so perfect and so cute and so us and I'll stop now before you barf.

The next two presents were both Hello Kitty items. One was a teacup set, and the other was a rice bowl set. Both sets have one blue and one pink item. The blue cup and bowl are slightly larger than the pink ones and feature Dear Daniel (Hello Kitty's boyfriend for the non-HK fans out there.) The pink cup and bowl are a little smaller and have Hello Kitty on them. SO CUTE!

So, the moral is: Matt sure does know how to make me happy! I think I will go out on a date with him =)

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