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I'm upping my running schedule to 5 times a week instead of 3. This is under the advice of a friend who has run 26.2 mile marathons before, so I believe her.
However, I'm adjusting my running time, too. Instead of 2 days of a certain time, then adding 5 minutes, I'm going to run 4 times before I add 5 minutes. So, this week I'm going to run 20 minutes Monday to Thursday, then on Friday I'll run 25. Next week M-Th will be 25, then 30 minutes on Friday, see? Right.
Saturday and Sunday will be either free days or days to make up from missed weekdays. I'll do sit-ups, pushups, jumpingjacks etc in the evenings before bed to keep my metabolism up.

My diet has vastly improved over the past 3 weeks, too. I no longer have bread or crackers in the house. I am now getting my carbs from oatmeal and bran cereal. Snacks are fruit and water, then dinner I have a small piece of meat (or a cheese dish or soy) and some veggies. My favourite is a veggieburger pita and salad. YUM. I find that I'm not even craving "bad" food anymore.

Anyhow, I'm very proud of myself, and I feel I will if not meet my goal, be VERY close to it by my birthday. (Goal: lose 40 pounds by May 1st, my birthday.)

PS (for swinehund)
I can do 10 "man" pushups now!
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