Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

Joke Time

Swiped directly from doctorbob!

Attention all! Practial Joke on Radio 1 alert

Can everyone do the following? DAMN IT, I'M TV's NOEL EDMONDS, I DEMAND YOU DO THE FOLLOWING! (preferably asap, certainly before 10pm tonight)

e-mail with the words:

"I know Doctor Bob. He's a pretty cool guy, but sometimes he goes into shops and takes stuff without paying. There was this one time he burned a shopkeeper who tried to stop him. But other than that, he's cool."

My logic: If enough people do this, it will annoy and confuse Radio 1 legend John Peel. And he may read it out on air, which will outdo the Janice Long stunt by miles.

Cheers! I love you all :-)
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