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Saturday, August 7th, 2004
I really hate Gretchen Wilson's music.

current mood: annoyed

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10:34a - yay, it is Saturday!
I redecorated my hideous bathroom.
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current mood: accomplished

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12:24p - holy cleaning up, batman!
I have just discovered another amazing secret of the universe. I now have in my power the ability to remove wax from carpet.
I promise to use this knowledge only for good...

current mood: jubilant

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3:02p - It is STILL Saturday! =D
I have had quite the productive day. I've fixed my bathroom, cleaned my living room, washed dishes, gotten wax out of my carpet, and ordered a replacement globe for my Yellow Submarine lava lite that was smashed in the post.
Now I shall lounge about in a shockingly lazy manner and watch Pride and Prejudice until it's time to go play Dungeons and Dragons.

Be prepared for more small, meaningless posts to come!

current mood: pleased

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5:10p - small, meaningless post.
Oh, I also ordered some Maxfield Parrish prints today.

current mood: bored

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