June 23rd, 2004

I love the Marine Corps

Now THAT takes a special kind of stupid.

Since moving here to beautiful Jacksonville, I have forgotten several important items on PT days on several different occasions. I have forgotten my cover, black socks, a towel, my boots... each one only had to be forgotten one time and I vowed never to forget said item again.

But today takes the cake, I swear.

This morning's PT was made up of a brisk sprint of 2 miles each way, with pull-ups, leg lifts, flutter kicks, rowers, and POW pushups in the middle. This was all well and good, I got extremely sweaty and spent most of the run falling out, but hey, my heart rate was somewhere in the 8 billion range.

A cool-down circle was formed at the end, we stretched, I walked over to the batallion showers and got all nice and clean. Only to discover...

... I had no clean underwear.

No sports bra, no panties, nothing. The set I had been wearing was NOT fit for human exposure, so I've spent the entire morning working with nothing at all under my cammies. It honestly would not have been that big of a deal (I have no boobs) but for the fact we have some highly motivated semper fu training this afternoon. I don't care how small you are, martial arts are not meant to be performed with no bra on.

So now I'm home for lunch, chilling in my Nice Clean undergarments, chowing down on some Raisin Nut Bran, listening to Moobie yowl about whatever, vowing never to forget my underthings again.

Is it Friday yet?
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