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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
12:12a - meow!
I got a kitty. His name is Moobie.

No, really.

current mood: complacent

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6:00a - kitty pix
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you...
Moobie, the cat that Wont! Stop! Moving!Collapse )

current mood: loved

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6:10a - speaking of kitties...
In case anyone wonders... the reason I am up at this ungodly hour during my vacation, it is because a certain kitty *coughMOOBIEcough* decided that 5:30 was an excellent time to want petting and loving. Now Little Mister Kitty is purring all content and quiet on my lap. Perhaps I will try to sleep again now that baby has been fed and watered. Oi oi oi, this is why I do not have children.

current mood: sleepy

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11:54a - whottagoodkittee
Moobie has used his kittypan, which brings me great joy since I'm not actually supposed to have a kitty, and I had horrible visions of kitty pee in the carpet running through my head.

And now since he's done that I suppose I should upgrade his kittypan to an actual pan, rather than the DVD player box with a garbage bag over it that it is right now.

current mood: relieved

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12:02p - oh yeah
I would like to take this moment to plug Tantra Lounge, a cd I found somewhere in Biloxi. Holy crap, it totally rocks. Turn your house, apartment, room, tin shelter, into an exotic eastern destination! Pretend to know how to bellydance and amaze your friends with your strangeness! Create "da mood" when that eccentric someone you've had your eye on finally agrees to come view your etchings.

I especially reccomend track 2. Enjoy! ^_^

current mood: silly

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1:27p - more photos
me cribCollapse )

current mood: lazy

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2:10p - random question
Would you rather have perfect skin and horrible hair, or perfect hair and horrible skin?

current mood: curious

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