May 23rd, 2004

I wanna ROCK


I got very concerned earlier today when I discovered my checking account contained 6K, about 5K of which was utterly mysterious to me. I mean, free money is cool and all, but I generally like to know where it came from so I don't accidentally spend something I'm not supposed to have (a definate downside to the Marine Corps... problems like that are not terribly uncommon.)
So, I'm a bit stressed out about this and decide to take a nice hot bath, and then... I remember! My signing bonus! That piece of paper I signed over a year ago has finally come to fruitation! HUZZAH! Great timing, too, since my last paycheck consisted of 17 dollars and zero cents (yes, I'm getting that little snaffu fixed. Once again: Marine Corps pay bullshit.)

Anyhow, what do you think I should do with this money? I can't really take a vacation since this is The Year Of Everyone Dying(tm) and I have no leave saved up at all, but I do have the next 10 days off to do with more or less as I please. It's too short notice to fly anywhere, but there's always time for shopping. Obviously, I do not want to spend all of it, that would be foolish, but I'm feeling a little giddy at having half a year's pay appear in my wallet. I could get liposuction! Remodel my bathroom! Buy really expensive vibrators! Make a down payment on a house! Get a sex change operation! (okay, not really)

Leave comments, yo.
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