April 8th, 2004

I love the Marine Corps


I am SOOO motherfucking tired right now. It's mostly my fault, but I'm placing partial blame on the assholes who like to sing marching cadence in the hallway at 11pm. Bastards.


Despite that, I'm actually feeling pretty chipper. Today I get to learn how to calibrate torque and pressure gages, and I get to play with DANGEROUS things. When you're a Marine who's job is to do geeky electronic stuff, you take the DANGER any way you can get it.


So, after my exciting day of wrenches and such, I'll mostly likely be a) playing ultimate football for an hour OR b) going to a safety formation. Oddly enough, I think I'd rather go to the formation. Then I have post. Then I'm getting another tattoo. Then I'm singing karaoke. Then I'm passing the fuck out, yo.

So very, very happy it's the end of the week.
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