March 7th, 2004

I love the Marine Corps

good times

Well, my class that started out with 14 people now has 5 left. I'm still in, still graduating in April, thank goodness. My roommate got dropped to our junior class that graduates in August (so did 3 other people), and my best friend along with the guide got kicked out entirely and are going to go to combat enginier school next week. This kind of sucks, since everyone had already put in 4 months of hard work, and then we go and lose 6 people all at once. Ah, well no one ever told us this would be easy.
SSgt Jordan is our teacher for the next 3 blocks, which I'm very happy about since he's one of my favorite NCOs. It's nice to be taught by someone who I'm not afraid to ask questions of. We have a new platoon Sgt, too, but I like him as well. Maybe things are looking up? I can hope.
Well, now it's way past my bedtime, so I'll catch you cats later.
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