December 30th, 2003

I love the Marine Corps

hungry hungry I'm so hungry...

Oh sweet, delicious chow... why must you taunt me? *gnaws own flesh*

My car flooded last night, but it was okay because I had a new friend to drive around with who didn't mind getting a wet ass in the process. We went to Denny's, back to the barracks, the Sports Pub (I learned how to play pool better than I did before,) IHOP, back to the barracks, to the airport, to the Sports Pub again, back to the barracks. I would have avoided the barracks more, but my new friend had to stand duty for a few hours, then the 2nd time we weren't intending to go out again, but ended up having to pick up a stranded sad-lonely-broke devilpup from the airport who then expressed a desire to consume beer. More pool was played. I'm a regular billiards ace now! Okay, not really, but I am in my own head.

I can no longer write coherent sentences. Yay me!

Mmm... chow...
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just me

party like it's... -OR- The only good thing about Mississippi is the Mardi Gras Super-Stores

Tomorrow is the Big Day, so today I bought beads. Many beads. Beads with pink rubber duckies. Beads that make noise. Beads with whistles. Beads with penguins. Beads that glow in the dark. Beads with monkies that say "eek eek eek!" Beads which aren't really beads, but are, in fact, leis.

Now the only question is... what to wear?
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just me

can't... stop... posting...

I got my tattoo touched up today and the tattoo artist invited me to New Orleans. I didn't go, but I seem to have glitter on my head anyways. Curious.

I'm on AIM right now.
Just so you know.
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