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Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
8:14a - Arrrg, the cuteness!!
Wanna see some corgi babies?

current mood: giggly

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8:19a - people who steal fucking suck - part 2
This is a copy-paste from an e-mail I just sent to thereject because I don't feel like typing it all again. I appologize for the poor sentence structure and less than stellar use of proper grammar. :-P
For those of you not in the Knowing About Sequim crowd, Corey Hall is a cop that no likes.
And on that note...
update on the stuff stolen from my parents' storage unitCollapse )

current mood: annoyed

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6:39p - I'm a legend in my living room
I've gotten 2 pieces of fan mail this week from complete strangers who like Peroxide Mocha.
How nifty!

current mood: artistic

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