January 17th, 2003


I hate car stuff.

Well, I'm off to go get auto tags and a Pennsylvania driver's license!
Of course, these activities involve going to 2 different buildings in 2 different towns. Ah, well.
Wish me luck! Hopefully this will be a relatively painless adventure.

yes, I've lived in PA for almost 3 years. Every time I go to the DMV the rules have changed somehow and I'm missing an important paper of some sort. This time I am armed with my old DL, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, old W2 form, and an unopened bill to proove my current address. I also have Scout's proof of vaccination, but that's just because I store all that kind of stuff in the same folder.)
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just me



renewed auto registration/tags
got PA driver's license
registered to vote
got new social security card
bought books
donated blood

I shall now go put on jammies and hug my dog.
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