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Saturday, January 4th, 2003
12:19a - blast from the past
quiz results. nothing to see here. move alongCollapse )

current mood: itchy

(scream real loud)

12:28a - random.
I miss the west coast.
Yes indeedy doodle.

current mood: sad

(scream real loud)

12:32a - thirsty people should drink more water.
It smells like pears in here. This is because there is a partially-eaten pear in front of me. Science!
I should draw more often.

kind of itchy.

Here I am now, entertain me. (OMFGLOl!11)

current mood: weird

(scream real loud)

12:43a - one last thing
I bought red flannel penguin sheets today.

I shall now go sleep on them.


current mood: beat

(scream real loud)

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