January 3rd, 2003



It is currently 6:16am.
Here is a list of things that have already happened to me today:

* woke up at 4am to a VERY unhappy tummy
* calling 2 friends at a quarter to six in the morning to cancel plans to run
* stepping in wet spot on bathroom rug
* discovering cat has peed on bathroom rug
* (insert more nausea here)
* putting bathroom rug in washing machine, only to have machine go off balance when it hits "rinse" mode
* failure to get washing machine to work without making very annoying sound

On top of it all, I can't go back to bed because I still have to take Matt to his carpool in half an hour. So now I have to rinse off the bathmat by hand (it's all soapy,) get dressed, drive to our friends' house, and get a ride home, and THEN I can puke/pass out/whatever.

I guess it's all not so very bad, but it sure is a crappy start to a Friday. Especially the calling people at 5:45am to cancel plans which they no doubt got up early for.
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what would debbie do?

Oh, and also:

I forgot to put down my most important resolution of all!

I WILL go back to Okinawa this year. Oh yes.
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