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Thursday, January 2nd, 2003
1:29p - yay, no wobblie drives!
Had a super-duper NYE with thereject and lucifrix. It was very laid back and totally fun. We ate snacks, played Let's Kill, watched MST3K, and talked until 3am. I hope everyone else had a good one, too :)

Today I got new tires on the front of my car, because the old ones were almost bald. Driving on bald tires really stinks, not only because it's dangerous, but because it makes the front end wobble. For the past couple weeks, I have not been able to drive over 60 without the steering wheel vibrating with displeasure. I am VERY glad that's over with. I would have had it looked at sooner, but holidays, blah blah, you know. Glad that's all over with.

current mood: blah

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1:33p - an aside...
Losing weight makes my nose look bigger. How odd.

current mood: curious

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1:38p - random questions
If you had to change your name (last name, too) what would you change it to?

current mood: lonely

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