December 3rd, 2002

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oh boy!

Well boys and girls, I have a Happy Fun Red Streak on my left middle finger! So, in 10 minutes I get to go to the doctor and see if I have blood poisoning. OH BOY!

Think happy thoughts for me, please?
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good news

Good News Bad News Time!

Actually... first:
Thank you very much to everyone who sent happy no-blood-poisoning vibes my way this afternoon! *HUGS for every one of you*

Good News:
No blood poisoning! Yayyyy!

Bad News:
Skin infection! Yayyy... oh wait.

What happened is this:
every stinkin' winter, I get bad hangnails. The hangnails to end all hangnails, if you will. My cuticles crack and bleed and scoff at my efforts to moisturize them. I've learned to deal with this (though I do whine a lot.) Sometimes the hangnails get infected, because God hates me.
Well, last week I got a hangnail which then decided to ignore my pleas and hydrogen peroxide and got infected. No big deal. Until today when a Happy Fun Red Streak appeared on my finger, crossing diagonally from the hangnail to a spot just past my first knuckle. I tried to remember if I'd come in contact with any raw meat, and didn't think I had. However I didn't want to tempt fate, so I went to the doctor anyhow.
Folks, if you ever want to see a doctor really really fast, tell them you might have blood poisoning. I was in the doc's office getting my blood pressure taken within half an hour of callling and explaining my situation. Now that's service. I told the doc what happened, she inspected my finger thouroughly, asked me if I had any fevers, does this hurt, when did it appear, blah blah blah.
Turns out I just have a really REALLY deep infection in my cuticle. I have been ordered to soak my finger in epsom salt and clean it out with triple-antibiotic ointment every day until it goes away. "And NO picking!"

So there you have it!
Now, I'm off to go soak my hand.
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