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Saturday, October 26th, 2002
6:37a - little did you know it is really a horror film...
I dreampt last night that I had to explain to Eminem why I thought "The Ring" was scary. I told him that since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, it was easy for me to imagine all of it being real, and that he will probably have a similar reaction when he watches "8 Mile" because he grew up in Detroit.

Then I dreampt I was a 007 and thereject was trying to kill me, but I convinced him to just give me his ATM card instead. That's almost as good as killing me, right?

I should become a salesman.

current mood: groggy

(scream real loud)

10:57p - GRAAAH!
I can not stay in the same room with thereject while he's playing Chocobo Race.

Just so you know.

current mood: chipper

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