August 1st, 2002

hippie chick

um... bucket.

I am a bucket.
a bucket.
a bucket.
I am a bucket,
I'm big and round and red.

This song has been brought to you by: 3am, Peroxide Mocha, Diet Dr. Pepper, and the letter I.
Thank you.
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    Peroxide Mocha - I Am A Bucket
what would debbie do?

deep, spiritual meanings.

puppysmuggler: oh my god I'm so loving this
puppysmuggler: I can just picture someone saying "let's get drunk and listen to the bucket song on repeat for like... 2 hours."
diskozombie88: YES
diskozombie88: see, i think mahjong superheroes is really like, the ultimate trashy party album
diskozombie88: so I want MTSABL to be like..
diskozombie88: the one where people just sit around and get stoned
puppysmuggler: YES.
puppysmuggler: perhaps if they get stoned enough they'll understand the deep spiritual meaning behind this album.
puppysmuggler: (DSM = deep, spiritual meaning)
puppysmuggler: (and the DSM = we are buckets)
diskozombie88: exactly
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    peroxide mocha - i am a bucket
what would debbie do?

drinking problems

I think I'm going to go ask Jeeves why I keep spilling dr. pepper on my shirt.

Results (no really, I'm not making this up):

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Yes, Jeeves, I find your search results extremely helpful. Thank you.
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I am so very, very grossed out right now. I just found one of these charming creatures on my wall. It is the 2nd I've found this month. The first one was in the bathtub (I almost stepped on it.)

Have no doubt that tomorow I will be investing in several sticky traps.

*does the icky-wicky bug dance w/ cringer*
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