July 11th, 2002

what would debbie do?


This insomnia thing is getting really old. I'd like to be able to just sleep through the night. Yeah, that would rock.
I took my very last percocet, hoping it would knock me out until morning, and it almost worked. I slept like a rock for about 2 hours until I had to go potty. Now my body feels like lead, but my brain won't shut off.

Speaking of which, remind me to call my parents tomorow. They have Vincent's title, and I'll need it before they move.

Speaking of parents, Matt's mommy is coming out to visit next month. I am happy. I like Matt's mommy. I'm glad I adopted her.

Speaking of ...
ah, nevermind. I'm going back to bed.


* * * * *

Side note:
Matt is asleep directly in the center of our bed. Now I know why he gets grumpy when I do that ;) *giggle*
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peroxide mocha face


A friend whom I thought was in Nicaragua just called. She's in Toledo. We're meeting in DC next week.

How weird is that?
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