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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
8:06a - ahhh
fuzzy kitty with warm belly on my lap.
life is pretty good.

current mood: mellow

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9:18a - stupid community
anybody want to take over the waitingforposts community? I'm sick of it.

current mood: annoyed

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9:38a - new community time
and on that note...

I just created breastreduction! Tell all your friends! ^_^

current mood: silly

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2:19p - whew!
Heaps and heaps of thanks to kai_ta_loipa, who took waitingforposts off my hands. You rock!

current mood: grateful

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2:52p - good things!
Diet Pepsi, toast, mah doggie, mah kitty, and a date to hang out with a_good_storm tomorow!
Life is good!

current mood: happy

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4:52p - 11 hours later...
The recycle-y people finally came by. They did the OTHER side of the street sometime around 6 am.
Now the question is... which side is the special side?

In other news:
It is raining.
Dangit, I wanted to take Scouty for a walk.

current mood: weird

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7:11p - red sky at morning...
I just heard, via the Emily-vine, that the sky was green over Chesterbrook/King of Prussia today. This makes me nervous.

But then I think to myself, "hey, the leader of the pack hung out in candy stores."

It has nothing to do with green skies, but it makes me giggle.

current mood: blank

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7:34p - feh feh feh
It's peanut butter jelly time, it's peanut butter jelly time... un un un un un un!
and now for some survey timeCollapse )

current mood: post-er-riffic

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