April 30th, 2002

hippie chick

it's the good and bad game!

(credit to willedit!)

Hanging out in jammies is Good
Dog being sick is Bad
My birthday tomorow is Good
Not remembering how old I am is Bad (I think)
Clean dishes are Good
Dirty living room is Bad
Oranges are Good
Flies in my house are Bad (how did they get in here anyhow?)
Afternoon naps are Good
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peroxide mocha face

woah there, Jimbo

so like, holy shit. I met a stranger from the internet, and yet, strangely, my body is not decomposing in a dumpster behind a strip club!

I just got back from coffee/late night snack/dinner with a_good_storm. It is downright eerie how much we have in common! We both said that we are bad at meeting people, and I was rather afraid we'd just stare at each other and eat, but my fears were utterly unfounded.
As it turns out, we both used to work at Waldenbooks, so we spent most of the time bitching and gossiping about former managers and whatnot. In fact, she even worked in the King of Prussia branch for a couple weeks right after I quit! We talked and talked up until she had to go home. It was great!!
I'm still sort of boggling about how posting a quiz about pets in the childfree community led to meeting someone who used to work at Waldenbooks and likes the same kind of dog I do, plus lives about 5 miles away. Fate, I tell you, fate!

I dig meeting new friends!
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