April 20th, 2002

hippie chick

is lunch over yet?

I suppose 10pm is still technically after lunch, no? hehehe...

Okay, seriously folks, I had a super-duper time rolling around in the dirt with a 60 pound pack on my back for 5 days. After a while, you can't even smell yourself anymore! I saw my first tick, got a rash, forded a river, build up hecka awesome leg muscles, and lost all my normal social skills! I suppose it likens to a very long run... it's hell on earth while you're doing it, but it feels so awesome when you finish that you want to do it again, knowing you've just done something not just anyone can say they've done.

I've never been completely dependant on my body before... no matter what, I'd never had to worry about my very survival just because I didn't feel like getting up or if I was sick. Being out in the woods, a day's hike from the nearest road, and even further from the nearest person, really changes how you feel about things! I couldn't just get tired and leave, I could only get tired and keep on walking. There is no giving up and going home when you're in the mountains, no matter how bad your feet hurt or how sick you are of sleeping on the ground. You walked in, you have to walk out again!

Yeah, I was only "out there" for 5 days, and was never more than a hard day's walk from relative safety, but even a day's walk is a long way if you're somehow injured! I felt slightly on the more dangerous side of "safe danger" the whole time, and it was pretty exhilarating.

You're right, dreal, I'm hooked and I want to do it again :)
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