April 11th, 2002


gettin' old, daddy-o

In 19 days, I'll be 23!
I don't feel 23 yet. I feel... 21. Definately 21.

Matt and I will, once again, be the same age for 4 days. We celebrate our birthday for a week, to maximize weekend potential. Anyone nearby want to party?

In other news:
I scored an awesome backpack from the Army Navy store this morning for 20 bucks. It's an old french army backpack, and I'm going to take it hiking with me this Saturday. My dad's old hippie pack needs repairs, so this will do in the meantime. I also got dehydrated food and some rain gear. I still need to get unscented baby wipes and some good shoes. Other than that, I think I'm set.

Oh, and a flashlight. Flashlights are good.
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