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Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
11:39a - eeww!
Hypothetical question (of course):

You're renting a house, and it comes time to move into another house. Do you leave the shed, basement, and front yard full of trash?
If you answered "yes," you are a dick. Just so you know.

I've just spent a very unpleasant half hour pulling trash out of the shed so I can convert it to a doggie den. Here's some things I found:

*empty pizza boxes
*empty 24 pack of pop
*a bucket
*empty gasoline container
*a bag of sticks (????)
*gross bugs

I'm still not done, that was just the first jumbo trash-bag full. I stopped because I have a hair cut scheduled at noon. In fact, I better stop typing and go over to the salon now.


current mood: annoyed

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7:06p - c'mon nature!
Today I planted a butterfly garden.
Well, I should say, I planted seeds that will hopefully sprout into a butterfly garden.
I also planted seeds that will (with luck) turn into alyssum, poppies, zinnias, and nasturtiums.
Then I put a blanket out, and laid about in the sunshine with my dog whilst reading a trashy vampire novel.
Unfortunately, about an hour later I got a very bad headache and had to go inside and drink water.

Oh well, I still feel pretty productive!

current mood: satisfied

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