March 10th, 2002

hippie chick

bored. sunday.

I keep having dreams about my brother. They are all vivid and very strange. I wonder what it means?

I am now drinking water so I can go runnning in an hour, even though I don't normally run on weekends. My plan is to run before I eat today, and then again tonight before I go to bed so I burn more stored fat than normal. I think I'm going to try this once or twice a week and see if I my fattiness decreases.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report.

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hippie chick

round 2 of the good news bad news game

Good News:
my total running time today is 1 hour

Bad News:
even if you wait 2 hours, running after eating a slice of boston cream pie will make you feel sick*

*data gathered from extensive case study research. In other words, it happened to me.
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