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Monday, January 14th, 2002
Happy Belated B-Day, zhaneel!

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12:11p - PART ONE
Well hello there! =D Since my connection is such an asshole, I have to post this in two parts. This is part ONE.

Friday was cool, Erika and Chris came and visited overnight. We went to a diner and then stayed up way late (for me) looking at photos of her Australia trip and talking about STUFF. Everyone had to get up pretty early so it was kind of a short visit, but it was still oodles of noodles of fun =D

current mood: sore

(scream real loud)

12:11p - PART TWO
This is part TWO.

Saturday we went to Matt's gramma's house and we went bowling. Gramma kicked our sissy asses.

Sunday we went out to lunch with Erika, since she was in Tunkhannock again and that's on the way back from Sayre (grammaville). That was fun! We got to meet her kitties and doggie and eat ice cream at the Shadowbrook restraunt. YUM!

When we got home the power was out, so we went bowling again, this time with Clayton and Emily. Matt won.

mmm. Bananas.

(scream real loud)

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