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Wednesday, November 7th, 2001
I love not having heat or water. Well, the heat part isn't too bad since it's almost 60 out, but the no water thing is rather annoying. Good thing I already took a shower, eh?

Fo de do, must find house...

current mood: angry

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2:19p - *bouncy bouncy!*

Mister wonderful realtor guy just called and he might have a house available to rent in Gilbertsville!! It's 7 something a month + utilities, has a big back yard and "2 or 3 bedrooms." He's going to give me a call next week or this weekend or something when he finds out for sure if it will be available soon =D


back here in crappy apartmentland, the water has turned back on, and kitty is pretending not to be interested in my cereal. joy!

current mood: bouncy

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2:59p - mysterious!
"Honey, can you pick up some SWT RWD FF BLU M, some TBSTN QUES and some ACME CH FD FF YL while you're at the store please?"
"Sure thing, Dear!"

After much head scratching, I determined the TBSTN QUES to be frozen pizza and the ACME CH FD FF YL to be cheese, but I still have no idea what SWT RWD FF BLU M is. Any clues?

current mood: confused

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4:48p - IRC fun
LostOne well i have 1 broken.. a 386, a 286
puppysmuggler ancient! why do you have that? to play Oregon Trail?
LostOne play it?
LostOne i HAVE IT
LostOne took me years
LostOne @@!!
LostOne mwa ha ha!
puppysmuggler !!!!
puppysmuggler <--- jealous
LostOne i'll scrounge 'er up fo rya
LostOne later
puppysmuggler well, name one of your companions after me and hope I don't break my leg and die, k?
LostOne its on a cd
LostOne heh
LostOne i only name them after ppl i hate
LostOne because i suck
LostOne :P
puppysmuggler I used to name them things like "poopy pants"
puppysmuggler "Poopy Pants has gotten smallpox and died. Here lies Poopy Pants"
LostOne lol

current mood: amused

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