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Friday, August 31st, 2001
3:03p - 3 pm news

drinking coffee.
packing up earthly belongings.
wondering where we got all this crap.
trying to figure out where the missing jewel cases to some abandoned CDs are, and where the CDs are to some abandoned jewel cases.

mmm... coffee.

I think I want to stretch my earlobes a bit. They're just standard earring size right now (16-18 range, I'm guessing), but I think I'd like to stretch them to 8 or so. Nothing TOO dramatic, but I think stretched earlobes look dandy. Any ideas where I can get a set of tapers?

I think I'll call up Kelly and see if she wants to have Indian food this weekend sometime. Yes, that is what I shall do.

current mood: indifferent

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Woah... I've drunk so much coffee, I can't really see straight anymore.


current mood: impressed

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11:19p - ouch!
I sliced my foot on a cardboard box. Dang, talk about a killer papercut.

current mood: sleepy

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