August 27th, 2001

what would debbie do?

hooray for lost friends found!

I am happy!
Yesterday Melissa (click it, dammit, she's hot) called me! She graduated in May and I had NO IDEA where she went after that. It turns out she got a job with the Environmental Protection Agency and is living in Kansas City.


So, I'm going to swing by KC on the way to Texas in October and go to Homecoming with her (in Iowa where we went to college together) and we'll dance our pants off. I am so excited!! Melissa and I are proof that not all freshman roommate assignments turn out bad. I never would have spoken to her if we didn't live together, and now we're best friends. She's my squirrelly squirrelly girl!

THEN, if that's not exciting enough, she wants to come to Austin with me to help me find a place to live. I'm stoked, house shopping with a girlfriend is always better than alone. I need to ask Drew if it's okay since I'm going to be staying at his place, but I don't think he'll mind having a hot squirrelly babe like Missy staying too ;)

In other news:
I've discovered that I, the country music hater extrordinaire, like Lyle Lovett. So sue me.
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Cam's on.

I probably won't be in front of it much, as I should be cleaning, but you can stare in awe at my shelves if you'd like.
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