August 12th, 2001

hippie chick

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Okay, today is the start of my new health plan. Here's the plan:

Ideal weight x 10 + 1/2 again + 200 calories for every 1/2 hour exercise.

I think I can do that. I just need to read labels now!

In other news, I'm making more and more of an effort to stop eating meat. Yesterday when I went to the store I didn't buy ANY products with meat in them. I still bought dairy because I *love* milk and cheese. I love meat, too, but I love animals more.
I'm not going to stop eating fish, but I eat it so rarely it's not that big of a deal. I also think that if I must have meat at some point, I'll buy something kosher. One of the standards of kosher food is that the animal must have been killed humanely. Hopefully, I won't need to buy any, though.

When I was at the store, I realized that cutting out meat doesn't limit my options, it actually made me receptive to a whole new spectrum of good food! That was a very good feeling. :)

So, wish me luck, with both the calories and the fledgling vegetarianism!
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what would debbie do?

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Does anyone else have this problem?
I'll be looking at LJ, and all of a sudden I get "page cannot be displayed." This happens often when I am posting a comment, and I loose everything I've typed. I'm usually not clicking anything or touching anything, heck, I'm not even scrolling when this happens. Just POOF, suddenly an error.

Anyhow, it's annoying. What's up?
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