August 10th, 2001

what would debbie do?

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10 am and it's already 84 degrees outside ("feels like 95").

Hopefully UPS will actually come up to my apartment today instead of just stuffing a note in my mailbox like they did yesterday. Apparantly the package we have coming is "too big for the fitness center." WHATEVER. Last I looked, the fitness center was more than capable of storing a package or 4, so unless someone sent us an elephant, I have my doubts. I think he just didn't feel like getting whatever it is out of his truck. I called them last night and informed them that YES I am home and NO I won't go pick it up in WEST CHESTER. Geez, people don't pay UPS to leave boxes 20 miles away, they pay them to bring stuff to your door. Bah!

In BETTER package news, I got a super-package from Desarae!! What a super way to start the day! An old sewing book with killer pictures, a handy-dandy address kit, an absolutely wonderful sewing tin and a bunch of other Neat Stuff�! Thank you so much sweetie, I definately owe you one!
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