August 6th, 2001

what would debbie do?

what a day!

The Zoo was lovely, we saw lots and lots of monkeys. Monkeys make me happy.

The day started out overcast and rainy, so I wore long pants. I should have read the weather report... 90+degrees!! Egads! Needless to say, I am more pink today that I was yesterday, and have some dead-sexy trucker tanned arms. Ooo, baby, you want my luvvins, I can TELL!

Anyhow, zoo, wonderful, lots of animals. My favourite was the wampire bats, which we showed up just in time to see get fed. I was imagining hamster water bottles, but filled with blood instead of water, but they got dishes of blood. The bats were also much smaller than I thought they'd be, only the size of mice! Mice with wings, of course. They displayed the fact that despite their wings, they are indeed mammals just like domestic dogs. I say they displayed this because they all wanted to drink out of the SAME DISH despite the fact that there were 3 dishes and about 10 bats. Oh no, we can't all go to our own dish, we must all drink out of the same one, because it is obviously the best!! Just like little flying blood-drinking doggies, I'm telling you.

Matt really liked the monkies, and I can't remember what Clayton and Emily liked. I think Emily liked the aardvark the best. He was pretty cute, all slumbering away in his cave, I must admit. I hope my photo of him turned out.

After seeing all there was to see, we trudged out, evaded the monstrous hordes of people selling cheap Tijuana-esque baubles and made it back to the dusty parking lot. We needed to go left out of the lot to get back on our highway, but of course there was a median and signs saying NO U-TURN for the next mile. So, we got to go on a nice scenic tour of north Philly. No, I didn't roll my windows up, but I did try to avoid stopping.

Finally, we got back on the highway and made our way to Friendly's to get some ice-cream. I'd never been to Friendly's before, and I got a "colossal burger" because it came with free ice-cream. I didn't eat the whole burger (it was, indeed, colossal) and the sundae was lovely. Matt got a mud pie, yum! We sat for a long time and just talked, giving Vince a chance to cool down after his long drive in the hot-hot summer weather. That's one thing I love about doing stuff with C&E, we always have stuff to talk about. They're a pretty nomadic couple, having lived in both New York (state) and Alaska before moving here, so they understand and appreciate our stories about moving and what it's like making new friends every year or so. Clayton also always has a story about the wacky things he did as a kid growing up in Alaska. Frankly, I'm amazed he's still alive and has all his teeth.

We dropped them off about 4 or 5 and drug our tired selves home. Boy was I exhausted! I napped from 5:30 to 7 and still managed to go to sleep last night with little trouble. Now I'm up, Matt's gone to work and I have to capture and restrain Andromeda in about an hour so I can take her to the vet and get holes punched in her flesh. Poor kitty! Right now she's running around like a crazy thing, chasing imaginary bugs. I firmly believe that cats and children can hallucinate at will. Bah!

Anyhoot, I best go take a shower now and get ready to face the day.

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what would debbie do?

Just a note:

I really, really hate it when people refer to themselves as "freaks" or "psychos" or describe themselves as being "crazy." To me, this demeans people who actually do have mental illness.

Just because you are awake at 2 am, have a tattoo, like to dress up in medieval garb, blah blah blah *insert any other "wacky" behavior here* does NOT make you a freak.

And no, this is not directed at any of my LJ friends. I'm just getting frustrated by some of the websites I've been running across lately. "hI mY nAmE iS aShLeY aN i Go 2 HuBeRt HuMpHrY hIgH SKOOL! mE aN' mY FrIeNdS lYkE MARILYN MANSON, we aRe FREEKZ!"


This post is about teens (or anyone else for that matter) who think they are the first people to ever "rebel against the norm." If you think shopping at Hot Topic makes you a freak, then this post is about you. If not, carry on and do not fret.

Another note: Hot Topic is not bad. I shop there. I have a friend who works there. This does not make us freaks. Hot Topic is in a freakin' MALL, okay?

/end side note.