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Saturday, June 30th, 2001
1:20p - Wow
Matt finally broke down and added danigolden to his friends list. For months now he's been using MY friends list just so he can read her posts.

I think I'm going to go take a shower now.

current mood: shocked

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10:26p - Groceries for the New Age
We tried out a new grocery store tonight: Genuardi's. It's owned by Safeway, but they only recently purchased it. I really liked it, all the shelves made sense and the products were easier to find than at "ACME - Motto: We've Got White Bread! And Jell-O!" I think we're going to be regular customers.

After we got our shopping into Vincent The Super-Van (who is running wonderfully, thank you to everyone who's asked about him), we sat in the muggy evening air and enjoyed 2 ice-cold yoo-hoos. Ahhh... summer at it's best, I'm tellin' ya. If we'd been out just a bit earlier, we'd have even seen fireflies.

*contented sigh*

So, tomorow all we have to do is call Emily and Clayton and see if they want to do something for the 4th of July and call it a day. What a great feeling. =)

current mood: content

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11:05p - Yum! Custard!
Custard Pocky tastes good. Yum.

current mood: hungry

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