June 5th, 2001

what would debbie do?

Once more, this time with FEELING

I'm going to go to the DMV again this morning. I went yesterday morning, and they only had their photo center open. So, while you couldn't actually GET an ID or driver's license, you could get your picture taken.


So, I'm hitching another ride with Clayton, and hopefully there won't be any more hangups.
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what would debbie do?

darn you mr. ebay-person!

Some dude just bid on a Hello Kitty backpack that I'm high bidder on 4 times. He didn't out-bid me, but he made the price go up 4 bucks. DARN HIM!! DARN HIM AND ALL HIS PETS!
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what would debbie do?

why do I remember this?

Here is a limerick I wrote in 3rd grade, that Scott made me remember today.

There once was a dog named Ed
Who liked to bounce on his bed
He did it in a way
That's hard to say
Because he stood on his head

No autographs, please.
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