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Saturday, March 31st, 2001
11:11a - Gah! People!!
You know what I love? I mean really love?
People who come out of the fitness center, wait 5 minutes for the elevator, then take it to the LOBBY. From the GROUND FLOOR.
I just love that.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I use the elevator, too when I come out of the fitness center, or after I do laundry, or anything else that's on the ground floor. But you know what? I live on the 7th story!! That's 8 (count 'em) flights of stairs, and even then, I still use them sometimes.
I don't know, I just think that if you're in the fitness center, you probably want to, you know, get FIT... and one flight of stairs shouldn't be that big of a deal.
F'n people.

current mood: annoyed

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11:18a - you know...
sometimes I really wish I were a boy.

current mood: aggravated

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1:01p - *SNARL*
I should be cleaning right now. I should be doing just about anything besides a) napping b) sitting on the internet

Well, at least I'm not napping.

I'm having friends over tonight, yay! But I'm extrordinarily pissy today.
Yes, it's a girl thing. Go away.
So, I've emptied and filled the dishwasher, gone to the grocery, made my famous salmon dip, and I've done laundry. Now I'm hateful and don't want to do any more. But I must. The place is a dump, and last time Emily and Clayton came over, it was immaculate. Must... keep... up... appearances... gaaaahhhhhhhh!

I posted at Peroxide Mocha Ville. You should, too. DO IT NOW LEST I SLAY YOU!!!

*pant pant*

So I really should be doing something right now. But all I feel like doing is glaring and snarling. I guess I could take my anger out on the pile of junkmail in the entry way. *FLAY FLAY*

Okay, well I just thought I'd tell you all about my happy mood. :�

Puppysmuggler out.

current mood: cranky

(scream real loud)

Wow, I got the table cleared off. I've had the same Christmas tablecloth out since December, but that changed today! Now it's the multi-seasonal blue and white german table linen that we got for a wedding present. It's my favourite (are you reading this, Host-brother Jan?)
I also called Emily and canceled our hanging out date for tonight. I am just way too grumpy to be a good hostess tonight. I'll see how I feel tomorow, and if I'm still a raging ball of goldfish-cracker eating fury, we'll get together next weekend. Of course next weekend Clayton will probably be in DC, so I am hoping I feel more sociable tomorow. It would also be nice if I wasn't sweating like a oink and if I didn't have a headache.
Hey, Lily, when are you going to come visit? Hmm? *taps foot*
Well I think I'm going to clean some more or start a game of Final Fantasy 9, whichever sounds more fun in 5 minutes. Wanna place bets?

current mood: tired

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7:39p - domesticated puppysmuggler
Today's POD is "Holy Shit I Cleared Off the Table!"

current mood: accomplished

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8:41p - Public Service Announcement
This is in response to all the f'n Krispy Kreme obsessed people out there.


Yes, Krispy Kreme donuts are good. They are yummy and sweet! And you know what?
Get over it already!

This whole Krispy Kraze is sort of like that movie "The Stuff" (which I never actually watched) where this mysterious ice cream goo starts eating people's brains, and they become crazed and won't eat anything else.
Which, in turn, is a lot like the whole Starbucks phenomenon. Starbucks coffee really isn't very good at all. In fact, I have never liked it, even back in the day when it was just a few stands in Seattle. But SUDDENLY(!) the world needed espresso, and they needed it NOW! Starbucks was from Seattle, and Seattle is the coffee hub, so people thought they were being chic by drinking Starbucks. It could have just as easily been Seattle's Best Coffee (which tastes better than Starbucks anyhow), but somehow Starbucks got lucky and all the SUV driving soccer moms made it their beverage of choice. Now everyone who carries one of those green and silver mugs thinks they are drinking something special and wonderful.
I guess the point of this rant is:
Do things because you LIKE them, not because someone else tells you to like it.
If you like Krispy Kreme and Starbucks, go ahead and get some. But for God's sake don't do it just so you can have their napkins in your cubicle.

current mood: pissed off

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10:33p - NEWS FLASH!!
All that ranting and raving about Krispy Kreme made us hungry. Behold! The EVIL!

Matt shows us "The Goods:"

If it's not bad enough that humans are practically killing each other over these things; BEHOLD! Even Kitty needs her Kreme:

Mind you, this is the cat who refuses BEEF, but she will flay the skin from your bones for a bite of KRISPY KREME:

You see, folks? Even our pets are being affected by this crack-donut. So, as soon as you're done stuffing your face with Krispy-goodness, call your senator and demand a stop to the madness!
Or just go eat some more donuts.

current mood: shocked

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10:48p - Finally, someone sees it my way.
I just joined the Breasts of Doom burb.
Well, because I have BREASTS of DOOM, of course.
They are up for sale, by the way. 2 slightly used boobs, cheap!

current mood: grumpy

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11:27p - Check out my formica!
I updated my style again :) Yay me!

(scream real loud)

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