March 28th, 2001

what would debbie do?


Holy wow, I just accomplished more in 10 minutes than I have in the last week, more or less. I sent out for my college transcripts (all of one class that I took at Peninsula. I don't know if I'm even going to try for the Cornell classes since they were all electives) and invited some friends over for coffee, chit chat, and a possible game of D&D. Amazing! Considering the fact that I haven't really even gotten dressed today, I was impressed with myself.
I don't know what's been wrong with me for the past few days. I just have been so listless... if it weren't for working out, I'd probably just sleep constantly. As it is, I think I've still been sleeping too much. I just get so ahead of myself... I yearn for the future so much I don't like to deal with the present. It's as if the here and now is something to endure until it all gets wonderful. Truthfully, I'm not unhappy, I'm just... restless.
I think I'm feeling better already.
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what would debbie do?

Gimme a "HELL YAH!"

"boogie in yr butt" by peroxide mocha was played on Seattle's KCMU college station today!!!!!!!!!!

Holy wow, I sang for Seattle today...
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what would debbie do?

I need to do this... really

puppysmuggler: you know... the other day I was thinking of printing out stickers and just... putting them on people's cars
diskozombie88: hahahhahaha
diskozombie88: that'd rawk
puppysmuggler: but if I got caught I'd probably go to jail :-)
diskozombie88: not with a URL on it tho ;-)
diskozombie88: yeah probably
puppysmuggler: no, I'd just make stickers with like... a dead monkey on them or something
puppysmuggler: just something weird
diskozombie88: BWAHGAHAHA
diskozombie88: WITH ONE EYE
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